About us

Patron – Joan Bartholomew
President – John Moore

Luton Town Supporters’ Trust (LTST) is for the fans of Luton Town Football Club.

What is a Supporters’ Trust?

A democratic organisation of supporters.  Over 100 clubs have one.  Our aims are to secure the future of the Club, keeping the Club with the fans where it belongs.  Luton Town Supporters’ Trust was formed as an Industrial and Provident Society but, following the abolition of Industrial and Provident Societies, is now registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.

What are the aims of Luton Town Supporters’ Trust?

  • To strengthen the bonds between the club and local community.
  • To work for the football and financial success of the club.
  • To uphold and preserve the tradition and heritage of Luton Town, and to secure the clubs long term future in Luton.
  • To encourage and promote supporter representation on the club’s board acting as communication to the supporters.
  • To acquire shares in the club. formally creating a supporters’ stakeholding.
  • To promote coaching schemes to develop the football skills of local young people and promote local interest in football.
  • To raise money in such a way as to promote the aims and objectives of Luton Town Supporters Trust and to the benefit of the local community.
  • To ensure that all profit is reinvested back into the club.

What can I do to help?

The best way anyone can help LTST, and indeed the football club, is to get involved.  Make sure you have a voice by joining LTST.  Remember this is an annual subscription and your membership may have lapsed!  Encourage your friends who have yet to join to become part of Luton Town Football Club by joining LTST.  Moving forward, we will be regularly canvassing the opinion of the fans through the LTST membership so make your views heard and join us!  The more members there are, the stronger we are.

All supporters of Luton Town Football Club can join Luton Town Supporters’ Trust (LTST) whether they are adults (£10 per year) or children (£5 per year).  You can also make additional donations that are gratefully received.  We use the money raised to support both activities within the football club and in the community.

We also welcome anyone who can give any amount of time or expertise to the running of LTST.  This could be in the form of a few hours per month or by joining the LTST Board.  If you have professional expertise (accounting, legal, IT, marketing, property/planning etc) then we would be delighted if you could offer ad-hoc help when we need specific skills, or even act as an “advice line”.

The Legal bit…

Luton Town Supporters’ Trust (LTST) is a trading style of TIL 2003 Ltd, Registered in England and Wales, Company No. IP29601R, Registered Address 17 Grove Place, Bedford, MK40 3JJ.

Download LTST Constitution

2018 Board Membership & Conduct Policy

2018 Election Policy Document

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