Update from Luton Town Supporters’ Tust

Trust in Luton has had another busy year. Most of our work goes on behind the scenes so we’re taking this opportunity to let you know what we’ve been up to and what the future holds.


An Awarding Occasion


Perhaps we should begin by looking back twelve months. We hold several events during the year but our main function is the Annual Awards night held every May. The 2015 edition was at Luton Rugby Club and the usual array of trophies were given out to the deserving players, as voted for and selected by our members, supporters generally or the Club itself.


In addition, one special award of which we are very proud is the Trust in Luton Outstanding Contribution Award. We introduced this Award a few years back specifically to recognise longstanding and outstanding service in some capacity to Luton Town.


We decided at the very beginning that everyone is eligible – except past or present players. Frankly, they get plenty of chance for the glittering prizes but what we are really looking for are the unsung heroes of our Club – people who give their time and effort without seeking reward or recognition, but who we think deserve that recognition and their moment in the spotlight.


Supporters are welcome to nominate someone suitable to us at any time but our decision is always made behind closed doors, in strict secrecy, as it is our intention to make the Award each year to someone who is in attendance but has no idea they’ve been selected. So far we’ve had some genuine “This is Your Life!” moments. Come along to our End of Season Awards Evening and find out who the the current year’s surprised recipient will be.


The Business Aspect


Trust in Luton is a shareholder in Luton Town and that gives us the various rights that come with the part–ownership of any business. We meet regularly with Gary Sweet, David Wilkinson & Kevan Platt. Sometimes it’s just an update on progress or it may be because of a specific issue. We have had several discussions on the new Stadium – not just the arena itself, but all the various issues that come with it – such as planning, finance and transport.


As part of the new Stadium process we spent some time in the autumn arranging with the Club the transfer of our shareholding between companies – in exactly the same way as all other Club shareholders. We have access to the Club’s financial accounts and are able to ask questions of the Club’s directors. No subject is off limits although there is an understandable requirement for confidentiality some of the time.


Question Time


Apart from the Awards Evening and our own AGM, we held our other regular events during the year. The most popular is the “Meet the Manager Evening”. It’s very interesting to hear the manager at close hand and have an opportunity to ask your own questions. Again, nothing sensible is off limits. If you’ve never been, make a note to come to the next one and ask your burning question. Defending from corners anyone?


We also had our annual Quiz Night in January with a selection of players joining the teams. Over £1,000 was raised from the Quiz on behalf of this year’s designated supporters’ charity LAMP. Put in a team next year and see if you can be the next Luton Town Eggheads.



Trust in Luton & the Luton Town Supporters’ Club


“What’s in a name?” as Shakespeare himself said more than 400 years ago.


Despite this, when Trust in Luton recently joined forces with the Luton Town Supporters’ Club we decided that we should celebrate our own Romeo and Juliet moment (but without the tragedy, we hope) by coming up with a new name to reflect our new identity.


After hours of discussion a new name was born and we can now announce that we are now officially and proudly –


Luton Town Supporters’ Trust


The name Trust in Luton has served us well for many years and some will be sorry to see it go, but the new name better reflects who we now are.


With our new name will come a shiny new logo which will be unveiled at the Awards night on May 1st and on our new website at around the same time. We can say that it’s both retro and modern; fit for the new world of social media but with a classic feel.


Now a quick word here on the democratic process. With such fundamental changes we felt it only right to allow our membership to have their own referendum and so, at the recent AGM, everyone present was given the opportunity to vote on the new name (which was agreed unanimously) and then to select the logo from a shortlist of three. We hope you will approve of their choice.


The AGM itself is usually a low-key affair with some administrative duties to be performed such as the approval of our own accounts and election or re-election of our own board members. Following this year’s meeting we now have twelve on the board but we are always looking for help or new ideas, so please come forward if you feel you have something to contribute.


On the Horizon


We think it’s fair to say that there’s nothing more that we’d like to see on the horizon than the sight of our new stadium rising up over Power Court. There’s still a way to go yet before that happens but progress this year has been tangible and we feel that not just the supporters but the whole town, including the Council, is behind this.


With so many modern football stadia shunted away to out-of-town locations it would be brilliant to see us with a proper town centre location. Apart from being our new home we all know that this development can transform the image of the town. Please do everything you can to get behind the scheme. And in case anyone you know says that sports stadia and city centres don’t go together, just point them in the direction of Cardiff or Newcastle.


Whilst this subject will probably dominate the next few years there will be plenty of other things for us to be dealing with on a day-to-day basis. With our new improved communications already taking shape you should be hearing from us more regularly and find it easier to get in touch too. We have really got moving with Twitter and Facebook this year so get “following” and “liking” if you haven’t already done so.










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