Trust Membership – Questions and Answers

Since the announcement back in March, of the Trust’s agreement to protect the Club’s image assets, Trust membership numbers have gone through the roof. It’s fair to say that we were taken by surprise by the sudden huge surge in membership applications which, coupled with some problems with our database software, meant that we initially struggled to deal with the demand.
We’ve now pretty much caught up with the back-log and the vast majority of new members should by now have their welcome letter and membership card. There are a few still in the post but we are now able to deal with all new applications much more quickly. However, the episode has not been without problems and we have identified a number of reasons why you may not have received a membership card. Before contacting us, please read through the following to see if you fit into one of these categories, and what action to take if you do.

Membership fee not paid
Since March there have been over 250 applications for membership through the Trust website but for which no payment was made. If you haven’t paid, you haven’t joined! At the moment, our only method of accepting payment through the website is via PayPal. We are hoping to add a direct debit capability in due course but for the time being PayPal is the exclusive method. We have had over 400 people successfully apply to join the Trust in the last six weeks through PayPal and it is a simple and secure system.
If you are in this category and wish to finish off your membership application (and we hope you do) please log back on to your account and complete the process with PayPal. At the same time please make sure that you have completed your home address and email address details too.
We will know (from PayPal) as soon as you have paid so there is nothing further for you to do. If you really don’t want to use PayPal then the alternative is to download the application form from our website, – complete it, and post it to the Trust in Luton Office address given on the application form, with your cheque. If you do chose this method it will take a little longer to get your application processed.

Address not given
There are more than 130 people who applied on-line and paid for membership but didn’t put their home address details on the application form. Clearly we can’t send out your card if we don’t know where you live! If this applies to you please log back on to your account and add in your home address. Once you have done that please then email putting “Address supplied” in the subject line and put your full name and membership number (which you will find in your account record) in the body of the email. Unless you carry out this final step we have no way of picking up that you have added your address, so please don’t forget to let us know.

Season Ticket Scheme
Many of you will be taking advantage of the offer to join the Trust whilst purchasing or renewing your 2014/15 Luton Town season tickets. We will be liaising with the Club’s ticket office to collect the details of new applications during the summer. Those memberships can’t be processed until we get that information but our intention is that everyone who applies through this method by the end of July will receive their membership cards during August.

We had many applications from Hatters around the world and we are just sorting out the mailing arrangements for these. If you are an overseas applicant please bear with us for a few days.

Business Membership
Although our rules do allow for business membership, to be frank this is not something we encourage as it may create difficulties when we come to ballot you on the important issues. We regard supporting the club at this level as an individual pursuit and the modest membership fee structure reflects this.
That said we are absolutely delighted to receive business donations, and thank those businesses that have already done so, but we would ask you all to join the Trust as individual supporters.

Likewise, please don’t try to join as a couple or family – this just doesn’t work!

…and finally
Please accept our apologies if things have been delayed for you. We are all unpaid volunteers and work for the Trust in our spare time but that is no excuse for not doing things properly. We have learnt a lot from this experience and with some upgrades to our membership database planned for the future we hope we won’t get caught like this again. However, in our defence we should just say that we did have to manually check, and then correct, a large number of addresses – particularly incorrect or missing post codes – and we took the view it would be better to take a little longer to get these details right.
If you still have any unresolved issues please email us on providing as much information as possible, including your membership number if known, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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