Sunday May 6 – Civic Reception

With the season concluding this Saturday and promotion already secured, 4500 of us are travelling to Nottingham in what should be a party atmosphere.

Earlier this week Luton Borough Council announced they would be holding a special meeting w/c 20th August 2018 to determine the Power Court and Newlands Park planning applications. Whilst it is good news that the process is now coming to a conclusion, it is disappointing that we have to wait another four months. However it must be remembered that the reason for this is down to Capital and Regional, the owners of the Mall, who are objecting – against the wishes of the people of Luton – to these wonderful proposals. Proposals and investment which not only will enable the football club to have a new stadium to secure its long term future, but also provide much needed regeneration to the town centre itself – plus a mixed use facility at Newlands Park comprising employment, hotel facilities, leisure and retail in an environment that would be the envy of most of the country, and a fantastic advert as the gateway to our town.

On Sunday May 6th Luton Borough Council are holding a civic reception and promotion celebration in St. Georges Square. This gives us not only the perfect opportunity to show Capital and Regional that their shoppers have no need to fear football crowds gathering in the town centre, but also a platform to remind Capital and Regional that the people of Luton want these developments – to Save Our Town from the further deterioration and stagnation we have all witnessed over the last decades, caused by lack of investment within our town centre by the key stakeholders.

We know Luton Borough Council are working hard on a strategic plan to raise the image of our town. We as a town want our pride back. We should not allow a company to protect its own interests before, and as a detriment to, those of our town.

You will be aware that Loyal Luton and Luton Town Supporters’ Trust have been working together, monitoring the progress of the Planning applications and have drawn your attention to the risk that Capital and Regional in particular pose to its success. We have advised you through our press statements where C&R seeks to mislead us the people in order to achieve their aim of controlling retail in Luton.

We would now ask you all to step up again and again show Capital and Regional that the people of Luton want this regeneration of our town and we will not allow them to stop us.

Please turn up at St Georges Square on Sunday to celebrate our promotion and to make a statement to C&R. We will have people on hand to advise – think of Anfield back in 2008, we will be making a visible statement that no doubt the media will pick up on.

This is our town. This is our time.


  1. Andy King says:

    Excellent – not before time. C&R have been having it too easy.

    Time to open their eyes and minds and be made aware enough is enough. 

    We will not be ignored any longer.

    The spirit of 1974 “No to Milton Keynes” comes to mind. 

    Additionally, and paraphrasing the late Jimmy Reid, there will be no bevvying and no violence or intimidation – just lawful and peaceful protest.

    I’ll be proud to be there. 

    • John Pyper says:

      Hi Andy,

      I second your sentiments entirely and I was involved with the fight to stop OUR FC being moved 22 miles up the M1 to the land of Concrete Cows in 1984 (let’s dhow the sprit of that time again). As you say, it’s tine to take the ‘Gloves Off’ as we have ALL had enough of C&R and their delaying tactics and trying to retain their dominance in Luton Town Centre. Let’s all work together .. TO SAVE OUR TOWN before it’s to late. You’ll get the message on Sunday!!

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