Retro shirts at Grimsby – report

Trust social committee member John Pyper has sent some photographs of the ‘retro shirt day’ at Blundell Park last Saturday. If you missed our earlier post (here) the idea was to raise awareness of, and tackle dementia, depression and loneliness in sport through the charity Sporting Memories, website here.

Many will be aware that ex-Hatter Matt Tees is suffering from dementia and Luton Outlaws contributor ‘luton ger’ caught up with Matt and his family last Saturday at Blundell Park, here is his post:

Had the pleasure of meeting ex Hatter and Grimsby legend Matt Tees at Half Time yesterday, in one of the Grimsby Corporate bars.

He was there with his son and Grandson as guests of the club.

Matt sadly has Alzheimer’s now. Although sometimes struggling to remember many of those around him, he still has it regarding his football knowledge.

When I told him I was a Luton fan, he amazed his family by saying ‘Great club, i used to play football for them’……….we had a great chat for 10 mins about his time at Luton in 1969 and 1970. Remembered he played up front with Malcolm Macdonald in 1969-70 and when I asked if he recalled Graham French, he responded ‘Great player, very skilful, smoked and liked a beer or ten, as well as being a party animal’

………..his son thanked me so much after the game for bringing out Matt from his current horror and they were SO pleased to see him have a smile on his face again. The son said for those 10 mins it was like having his old Dad back with them again.

Loved the old Oak Road song we used to sing to him ‘Matt Tees is a goal machine, a sensation’

Lovely two articles in yesterdays match programme about his time at both Luton and Grimsby.

To read the full thread click here.

The Trust wish Matt and his family every strength is dealing with his condition.

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