Racism Allegations vs Accrington

In light of the confirmation released by Bedfordshire Police on Thursday afternoon stating that there was no evidence of any racial abuse from Luton Town fans at the recent home match against Accrington Stanley, the LTST board release the following statement.


The LTST board are extremely disappointed at the allegations of racism that were levelled at Luton Town FC supporters during the Accrington home game.

Furthermore, we are angered at the trial by social media that Luton fans have had to endure as a result of the irresponsible way in which these allegations were brought to light. Whilst the board recognises and welcomes the need for any such concerns to be reported, we believe this should remain through official channels, rather than the platform of social media.

We would also like to express our disappointment at the condescending, patronising, contradictive and at times arrogant approach that was adopted to these allegations by certain members of the media, who were not present at the event, and who should know better, and be expected to act much more professionally than they have done.

A number of organisations, including the Trust, Luton Town Football Club, the LTFC Community Trust, and others on a wider scale such as Kick It Out work incredibly hard to promote and ensure greater inclusion and equality within football, and such reckless reporting of unsubstantiated claims can have a negative impact not just on their good work within the sport, but across society as a whole.

The reputation of the Hatters’ fan base is something we take incredibly seriously and as fans ourselves, it is something we hold much pride over. Therefore, the confirmation by Bedfordshire Police that no wrongdoing took place is welcomed.

We take this slur against our support extremely seriously and given the strength of feeling raised by these allegations, on behalf of Town fans, we are currently in the process of seeking legal advice about the next steps available to us, in an attempt to restore and maintain the good reputation of our supporters.

At this stage, we must stress that we are not threatening action, we are merely researching any options that may be available to us. We shall release a further statement in due course, once the legal advice we receive has been considered.


  1. Margaret Chowdhury says:

    Excellent response.

  2. Ian Dickson says:

    Excellent response, I sincerely hope that legal action can be taken. A full and frank apology is needed and a donation to our efforts to stamp out prejudice wouldn’t go a miss.

  3. Zar Nicholson says:

    And so say all of us, an excellent and well documented response.

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