Racial abuse allegations vs Accrington

In light of the allegations of racial abuse levelled at Luton Town fans during the recent fixture with Accrington Stanley, as a shareholder of the club, the LTST board have requested the opportunity to review the audio footage held by LTFC.

This request has been granted and members of our board will be going into the club later this week to go through the footage. We will then make a full statement regarding our findings.


  1. Mark Parsons says:

    This racist story is nothing but a complete fantasy. I have been watching Luton for nearly 40 years, i would be the first to admit we do have some nasty, aggressive supporters in our ranks but one thing for sure i have never heard racist remarks to an away player or any home player for that matter. The monkey chant claim is actually laughable but unfortunately the claims are not funny at all. I am a season ticket holder along with my fiancé and son and travel down from Caister on Sea in Norfolk to watch the home games and i was at the Accrington game so i can comment on this. I would just like to say that seeing the hard work you guys (supporters trust) do, along with 2020 and everybody else behind the scenes at the club you truly make me very proud to say I’m a Luton fan, i love my club and everything associated with it.

  2. i’ve already watched the complete game twice on ifollow and can assure you there are no “monkey chants” plenty of “boos” and “you fat bastard” and “cheat cheat cheat” most of that aimed at McConville.

    the accuser, karen fazackerley, cannot even get her story right, she claims the monkey noises were made at Ihiekwe when he was laid in their penalty area holding his face, about a half hour into the game, there was indeed a stanley player laying on the ground at 32 minutes in, he had been hit in the face by the ball and that player was billy kee.

    on 40 mins ihiekwe tangled with hylton and went down about half way between the 18 yard line and the halfway line at that point McConville tried to get hylton in trouble by claiming an elbow, more booing and cheat.

    when Zanzala was subbed on 87 mins there is very litle noise from the crowd at all.

    i would hope that at the very best the lady accuser has mistaken certain words for others, although if she is a regular football goer i would be surprised if she hadn’t heard these chants before. “fat” doesn’t sound much like “black” and i cannot recall a game where the term “boo” hasn’t been used.

    the lady in question has gone very quiet on twitter recently and is blocking anybody who questions her, the baton has been taken up by her friend jacqui oatley who retweeted her original accusation and has then been answering people who question her in the most rude and aggressive manner. her retweet is now widespread and our name is dirt.

    if prosecution is possible then we should do it, i will gladly chip in to help

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