‘Morecambe’ 2017

Earlier in the year we were contacted by Stockton Heath Methodist Dramatic Society about a play they were putting together regarding the former LTFC director and iconic comedian Eric Morecambe.

In a letter received by our secretary, Brian Thompson, we were asked if we could provide anything that could be used in the production. With help from Mick Rogers, a member of the Bobbers Club, we were able to send a silk LTFC scarf which was used during the play.

Morecambe, originally written by Tim Whitnall and recreated by Chris McClelland for the Society, was performed for three days in May. It proved to be such a successful hit that a request was made for it to be performed on the opening night of the 2017 Stockton Heath Festival in June.

The original show earned an Olivier award and five-star reviews and the amateur version was well received too.

“As soon as I saw that the title had become available I was intrigued straight away. We got hold of the script and it’s just brilliant. It’s a well told story and a well written play. I’m not surprised it won awards.” McClelland was quoted as saying by the Warrington Guardian.

Eric was played by David Matthews, a member of the drama society for 12 years. His performance earned rave reviews including one from his director ahead of the festival staging.

“He’s an expert. To learn 50 plus pages and pull that off each night is an achievement. If you come along to the festival night you’ll see a really stand-out performance.”

LTST were given a mention in the credits in the programme for the show. We were also sent a card thanking us for our help. You can see those in the gallery below.

All at LTST are delighted to hear the show was such a success and so warmly appreciated. Our congratulations go to all who were involved in the production.


  1. ANDREW SARKAR says:

    Kevin, I don’t know if the following story could be put in the play as a scene. I used to stand behind the goal in the Mighty Oak Rd in the 70s and I remember a Luton fan who had his head dyed in three segments, orange,blue and white and he always wore a boater. Before one match Eric Morecambe came on to the pitch to the oak rd end,waving at the fans. The guy caught Eric’s attention and the guy ran to the front and gestured to Eric about swapping for his trilby.Eric gave him the biggest grin, but I couldn’t see if they actually exchanged. It’s a great memory I’ve always had and I’m sure other fans of a certain age would remember it. It would be great if it could come alive in this play. All the best. COYH

    • Kevin Harper says:

      Hi Andrew,
      The play has already taken place I’m afraid.
      If we get any more requests regarding Eric though I will put this story forward.

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