Luton Town Supporters’ Trust & Loyal Luton Supporters’ Trust Statement

Capital&Regional statement is “laughable, misleading and threatening”

Luton Town FC’s two main supporter groups said today that the latest statement from Mall owners, C&R, regarding the planning timetable for the proposed Power Court and Newlands Park developments is “laughable, misleading and threatening”

Tony Murray, Chairman of Luton Town Supporters’ Trust, said:

“This statement is laughable and misleading. C&R also continues to threaten further delays to a project which will effectively save our town.

“C&R do not care about the people of Luton, the town, or jobs in the town. They are treating Luton with contempt. C&R is only interested in preserving the dominant position of The Mall shopping centre , which has been a cash cow for them, and preventing new developments which will revitalise the town.”

“The only people to blame for the long delay in getting a planning decision on the new developments are C&R who have threatened to kick the projects into the long grass and have fought the plans from day one.”

“C&R is now threatening to further delay the desperately needed projects which will create 10,000 new jobs, provide a new soccer stadium on land which is currently derelict and contaminated and free-up the existing stadium site for much needed housing.”


  1. Martyn Garrett says:

    Agree entirely your thoughts on the matter.

    Should those supporters resident in the Luton Bough voting area organize themselves to canvass their Local Councillors for Power Court support?

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