Luton Town Supporters’ Trust & Loyal Luton Statement – Double Standards and Dirty Tricks

Yet more double standards and dirty tricks by Capital & Regional – determined to block and delay the regeneration of our town of Luton.

We are appalled yet again by the latest hypocrisy shown by Mall owners Capital & Regional, and their advisers, in their attempt to block and delay plans for the regeneration of Luton with Power Court and Newlands Park – plans which they have stated they will try and ‘kick into the long grass’ for their own benefit.

In the latest news we discover that one of C&R’s key advisers- Turley Associates – have concluded that there would be a “a significant adverse impact” on Luton town centre if the Newlands Park development went ahead. This statement is included in a package of documents delivered at the last minute (another of their delaying tactics) to Luton Borough Council.

This should be the future for the town of Luton

Yet Turley reached completely different conclusions about the impact of edge-of-town retail on Luton town centre when hired by a client with a different agenda.

Acting for the company wanting to build new retail units in North Houghton Regis, Turley concluded that even in the worst case scenario the retail would not have “a serious adverse impact.” In fact Turley went further and urged Luton Borough Council to reach a decision on the developments “that is an overall balancing of positive and negative impacts.”

So why the complete change of view? Could it be that money talks?

Can we believe anything that is being said by C&R and it advisers, or is it just a case that corporates with deep pockets, like C&R, can buy the answers they want?

This is just the latest in a long line of ‘dirty tricks’ Let’s take a quick look at some of what C&R have said and done of late…

  • C&R think it’s okay to have two cinemas in Hemel Hempstead but there should only be one in Luton (funnily enough, it’s them who are looking to develop the Hemel cinema).
  • C&R say it’s okay for its own Ilford Mall to trade alongside the Westfield shopping centre, but not for Luton Mall to trade in the same town as Newlands Park.
  • C&R employ an adviser who accused people who object to new developments of being NIMBYs yet who now opposes developments which will regenerate Luton.
  • C&R use a PR company with a principal whose previous company was exposed as producing false letters and other ‘dirty tricks’ by the Evening Standard and Channel 4 ‘Dispatches’.
  • C&R said there should be an Urban Park at Power Court then completely changed their minds.
  • C&R produced no new plans for regeneration of Luton town centre then came up with a sketchy ‘back of fag packet’ idea at the last minute for comments on Power Court and Newlands Park.
  • C&R claim that they are about to commit £millions to enhancing Luton town centre but we see no signs of this investment.
  • C&R claim that Newlands Park is a retail development which will damage the town centre when in fact it is a mixed use development which will complement the town centre offering.

…and now we see C&R advisers Turley Advisers claiming that a new retail development at Houghton Regis wouldn’t impact Luton town centre but Newlands Park would. Amazing.

So who should we believe?

We prefer to trust the conclusions of an independent study commissioned by Luton Borough Council which is much more upbeat about the proposed plans for Newlands Park and Power Court, and a bright new future for our town.  We prefer to support plans which will bring 10,000+ jobs to the town and an annual boost of £250million to the local economy. We prefer decisions about the town to be made by democratically elected representatives of Luton’s communities rather than a faceless corporation which only cares about its own profits. We prefer regeneration to stagnation.

We’re not fooled by you, C&R. And neither are the good people of Luton.


Tony Murray, Chair Luton Town Supporters’ Trust

Mark Bradbury, Chair Loyal Luton Supporters Club


  1. Brian Sharp says:

    What a shower this c&r lot are. We very rarely use the Arndale as it is a dim miserable place. When we do we park in the Luton Town car park to show our agreement with the Football Clubs efforts to make something better for Lutonians shopping and trying to enjoy themselves in this sadly very much spoilt town. Try doing the decent thing c&r back off and let this town breath.

  2. Shane Boyle says:

    It is still beyond me that capital & regional have any sway in the decisions made by our council, especially when their objections are so clearly transparent in their nature. They say they worry about job security? How many thousands of jobs will be creating in the building of the project? How many hundreds of jobs will be created once the project is complete? Clearly these questions are rhetorical as it couldn’t be clearer that the regeneration of Newlands Park and Power Court will have a profoundly positive effect on the town financially, aesthetically and to general well being, mood and culture of our towns residents. It is deeply sickening that a small group of South African businessmen are corrupting the progress and growth of our town for their own financial gain. To say it is a disgrace is an understatement. It cannot be allowed to happen

  3. It looks dangerously like this is the influence & work of a very tiny minority who are infamous for controlling vast swathes of financial institutions .

    They have very powerfull lobby groups in governments far out of proportion to their % of the .population .

    They have overwhelmingly disproportionate numbers of elected governmental officials, ,C.E.O.’s , Top top bankers, Own or controll vast swathesof the media ( so they can tell you how to think & vote )

    I hope I am wrong ,but if not they are unscrupulous, amoral & all that counts is profits & power.

    They are a formidable foe,but if Lutonians are urged to threaten to Boycott the Mall & even the Luton news if they persist in taking their side,then we have PEOPLE POWER !!

    That should get them worried , Profits & monopoly can be challenged by a boycott & people power RISING UP AGAINST TYRANTS !!


  4. Well played Gentlemen.
    Brilliant piece

  5. Dear LTST,
    Having read your statement in response to the latest comments from this so-called retail property owners (Capital & Regional). How much more ‘Propaganda’ and false information are they going to pull over the eyes of everyone concerned in the regeneration of OUR TOWN of Luton.
    For a company to stoop to these tactics just shows what type of company and people we are dealing with here. Move a side now C&R and allow the plans of 2020 Developments to progress and make OUR TOWN somewhere to be proud of once again.
    Keep up the great work ‘Save our town’ campaign which are keeping these 2020 developments in the public eye, and are what everyone in OUR TOWN and local district want NOW!!

  6. Dispicable under hand tricks, this C&R group know more tricks than the magic circle. Sadly the Town and people of Luton are being serveily disadvantaged in moving forward to the detriment of much needed jobs/investment.
    The monopolies and mergers people need to take a long hard look at C&R, as they are deliberately standing in the way of a real positive investment in the Town. They must be so ignorant that they can’t see that power court could generate a lot more visitors and customers spending money in their Arndale centre, be careful C&R you could score an own goal!

  7. Burleigh Ibbott says:

    I totally thank Luton Town Supporters for this information. As a Lutonian living in Wisbech (I travel to away matches mostly). I left the town in 2004 but follow regularly all the updates on this wonderful development. Luton Town council know this is needed in the town. They just have to officially put the dots on the i’s and crosses on the t’s and show they are acting with due diligence on this landmark decision. Good luck LTFC and supporters trust.

    Well done.

  8. Peter Atkinson says:

    I’m very much of the SAME opinion as that of John (above), in that if C & R persist in continuing to stand in the way of developments which I’m sure will give Luton a new lease of life, then, I think it is now time that the people of Luton start to use their own power and vote with their feet, and BOYCOTT The Mall!

    I’m sure LTFC supporters haven’t forgotten how they got rid of John Gurney a few years ago, by ‘refusing’ to renew season tickets until such a time that John Gurney was no longer there!!

    It is obvious that ALL C & R are concerned about is maintaining a ‘stranglehold’ on retail in Luton, and I believe if ENOUGH people in Luton boycott The Mall, and ‘starve’ C & R of cash, then, perhaps, C & R will have NO other option but to ‘back down’?

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