Luton Town ST & Loyal Luton Joint Statement – 9th August 2018

Please see below a joint statement from Luton Town Supporters’ Trust and Loyal Luton Supporters’ Club issued on Thursday 9th August.



With the excitement of the first season back in League One upon us, we’re all looking forward to some great battles on the pitch. But make no mistake, our most important battle is off the pitch – and it is still to be won.

Capital & Regional, owners of The Mall, continue in their attempts to ‘kick the plans for Power Court and Newlands Park into the long grass’. No matter that those plans have the overwhelming support of Luton’s communities, taxpayers, businesses and politicians. No matter that they will generate more than 10,000 new jobs and over £250 million a year for the local economy. No matter that they will help regenerate the whole town and give us back a sense of pride in the place we call our home.

Oh no. This is all about them and their profits. A faceless, greedy corporation protecting their self-declared ‘dominance of the town centre and its retail’. Forget the will of the public, the long term future of the town. It’s all about C&R and the millions they pocket without giving anything back to the communities they laughably claim to care about.

No one can any longer be fooled by their false claims and underhand tactics, surely? They say they support Power Court whilst simultaneously trying to kill off Newlands Park, knowing full well that without Newlands there can be no Power Court, no regeneration – just years more of the stagnation we have seen while they milk The Mall, and the people of Luton, for every penny they can. (Incidentally, what has happened to that £7million they were going to spend on The Mall? No sign of that, even if it is a paltry sum compared to what 2020 Developments have already invested, and a tiny fraction of what will be invested in regeneration by 2020’s plans, and the annual returns that investment will bring to us all, the people of Luton).

You may well have seen the controversy about letters to the Luton News attacking 2020’s plans which appear to come from correspondents with ‘address supplied’ but no evidence of their actual existence. The pressure being put on members of Luton BID, the representatives of businesses in the town centre, to withdraw their declared support for Power Court and Newlands Park with a highly skewed version of what the recent Retail Impact Report says. Rumours abound of members of the BID committee being approached and influenced by C&R.  Of attempts to bully the council with threats of legal action.

We’re all familiar with ‘fake news’ and its alleged effect on national politics at home and abroad. Are we seeing those tactics being used right here on our doorsteps? Many might say a resounding ‘yes’.  It’s happened many times when PR companies get into the murky waters of trying to influence elected decision makers with their dark arts.

Well, we’ve got some genuine news for you C&R.  We won’t be beaten. We will not give in to dirty tactics and threats about the future of the town and its economy. You know why? Because we ARE the town and the future of its economy.  Power Court and Newlands Park are essential to the health and wealth of Luton now and for generations. So let’s see this battle won, the applications approved with no more attempted delays by being ‘called in’ or judicial review. Let’s see the building work begun.

As for you C&R, shape up or ship out. Speaking of which, any truth to the growing and persistent rumours that you’re planning to sell up and go anyhow? Why not come and talk to the people of Luton, tell us your side of the story? The invitation to Lawrence Hutchings, CEO of C&R was made months ago and still stands.

We’re looking forward to two things this season. Success off the pitch, after this long drawn-out saga, and the Power Court and Newlands Park vision becoming reality. And success on the pitch, with our rip-roaring Hatters tearing through the rest of League One.


Tony Murray, Chair, Luton Town Supporters’ Trust

Mark Bradbury, Loyal Luton Supporters Club



  1. Patrick morgan says:

    Do not understand why the council continue to either
    Should all have been approved two years ago
    Grabbing 2020s hand off to develop powr court and open up the town centre

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