LTST statement regarding the new EPL Trophy format

Late last week the LTST committee were invited to the football club to discuss the proposals for the EFL Trophy for the forthcoming season, as the club promised in their statement released on 10th June

LTST committee members met with Gary Sweet, Kevan Platt and Stuart Hammonds of the football club where we were given the reasons for the changes to the competition and its format particularly the one year trial of introducing higher level academy sides into it.

We were asked to voice any concerns we had. The main issue for us is the fear that this is opening the door to ‘Premier League B teams’ being added to the Football League pyramid, should the new structure of the EFL Trophy be seen as a success.

Regarding the Premier League B teams issue, we were given strong assurances by the club that adding them to the league structure is unlikely to happen given that it requires 90% of the current EFL clubs to agree to that particular change.

With this assurance, we are more open to the changes than we were prior to this meeting but we still have reservations.

In an ideal world we would have liked the EFL to explain the changes and the reasons behind them in more detail. If you are still unhappy with the revamp for the EFL Trophy or have any particular concerns which we did not address, please contact us via email on or via our social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter.

We would like to thank Gary, Kevan and Stu for inviting us in to discuss these issues. Gary has asked for a committee to be formed including LTST, Loyal Luton and LTDSA board members for further discussions.

We will be putting together a group based on that request and look forward to future discussions in the coming weeks as and when more details emerge.


  1. I have no interest in watching Luton against someone’s U21 team and believe that the majority of fans will feel the same. The crowd is likely to reflect this.

    As we have to put up with this (for one season at least) I feel we should make a stand in one or all of the following ways:

    – zero crowd when playing an U21 team, but encourage 10,000 when we play a ‘real’ first team in the same competition.
    – play our U21 team against them (gives the Premier league boys no benefits over existing U21 competitions)
    – a good old fashioned ‘kick them up in the air’ – they’ll soon stop wanting to send their U21 kids into these games.

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