LTST & LLSC Joint Statement 12th December

How disappointing that C&R yet again look to put a spoke in the wheels of these two planning applications. Having previously looked to delay the applications for as long as possible, with the Planning Committee dates now identified they now look to influence the public and planning committee members by releasing a statement suggesting that neither application is affordable. The very notion that a rival developer can pay its consultants to accurately cost and value the proposals from the Outline Planning applications without the benefit of any detailed plans, specifications or knowledge is frankly ludicrous.

Capital and Regional by their delaying tactics are costing the local economy of Luton £1m per working day according to the economic impact report submitted with planning applications.

If C&R put as much effort into developing their own business positively, rather than negatively and arrogantly challenging others and wasting taxpayers money, then the already large fall in footfall being experienced in their shopping centre along with any further impact from Newlands Park would be recovered before anything gets built.

We note C&Rs share price continues to disappoint and that they seem to be under-performing compared to most of their competitors. With their market capitalisation down to circa £250m we can only presume their CEO is under increasing pressure from their institutional shareholders, leading to this aggressively protectionist corporate behaviour we are seeing.

We would again urge C&R, who claim to be in the heart of their communities to drop the block and embrace these exciting opportunities that the people of Luton, who have long memories, support.

This is our town, this is our time.


  1. Patrick Graham says:

    I have written to them independently on this very theme, you have all the same points – And this is without even emphasising how ignorant they have displayed themselves to be about the nature of modern football fans,
    The fact is that where there were once perceived to be hooligans, back in the 1980s, there are now customers, as every sane retailing organisation knows. That they should express fears on this front, as they have, is emblematic of their inability to drag themselves into an 18 year old millennium…

  2. Ron Freeman says:

    Disgraceful again from C and R shame on them

    • Pat Allenby says:

      Let’s all BOYCOTT the MALL 100%

      If this message was inputted by everyone when they sign the PETITION, C&R would realise that people power would be bringing them to their knees and hence withdraw their objection

      Similarly telling the council via SUPPORT comments to the two planning applications, would also help

  3. C&R doing what they do best, trying to kill off anything that might threaten their corrosive control over town centres and stifling the will of the people. C&R, for once do yourself a favour, Kick skippy into the long grass and embrace regeneration.

  4. Pat and Di Allenby says:

    It seems C&R won’t listen to any form of reasoning so surely we must now BOYCOTT The MALL 100%. Being hit in the pocket usually makes people see sense.

    Hopefully Save Our Town campaign could enfold their banner and specific “Boycott the Mall” placards could educate those who don’t read this post.

    This message ought also to be posted when signing the PETITION, which unfortunately hasn’t been publicisised at all well. Considering the gates we get at least 10000 signings ought to happen.

    Also similar SUPPORT comments ought to be posted on the two planning applications, for the council to take on board

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