LTST and Loyal Luton Statement regarding planning delays

Luton Town Supporters Trust and Loyal Luton Supporters Club have released the following statement regarding the latest planning delays.
“We are extremely disappointed and, increasingly, frustrated with the constant delays in approving plans for the new stadium. We will continue to do everything we can to make this happen. “
Tony Murray Chair Luton Town Supporters Trust
Mark Bradbury Chair Loyal Luton Supporters Club


  1. The objection from the Harpur centre along with that from Capital and Regional is just another delaying tactic by organisations with extremely limited horizons, no ties to local communities and out of touch with what is happening in the real world. The facilities in both the Luton Mall and Harpur centre will not provide for the needs of the Luton, Bedfordshire and surrounding area populations in the future without serious investment and planning forethought. Neither of which these organisations have shown up until this point. The facts are. Over the next 10- 15 years local, regional and central Govt have identified the following. Luton needs over 5 thousand new homes, on top of the massive development already underway at Napier Park. Consultation is about to start over proposals to take Luton Airport towards 35 million passengers a year. (up from 18 million) Central Beds local plan has identified the need for 20 thousand new homes on top of the 23 thousand that already have planning permission.
    All of this will bring people, jobs and support a thriving economy to the local areas. The Mall Luton and Harpur centre will not / cannot sustain this level of customer requirements. How many people already go to MK simply because neither Luton or Bedford can provide what is needed. Do the Mall and Harpur centre think that this population growth will all go to their shopping centres in future?. They won’t, they will look further afield. Outside the area taking their money with them and our local and regional economy suffers. (Including the Mall and Harpur centre)
    The correct approach is to take the long term planning view. The growth in this area, Luton and Central Bedfordshire will need the facilities planned for Newlands Park and Power Court. They bring not only regeneration but a bright, new, well thought out development which is great for our town and the football club as well as providing for the increase in population in terms of shopping and entertainment. It builds on the ideas and plans of local government who wish to deliver a town we can all be proud of. It will ensure that as the local area population grows (and it will) the facilities they need will be available and gives those that support LTFC a great new home. The Mall in Luton and Harpur centre will also benefit if they choose to do so. They must not hold our town to ransom when they will when they feel the time is right sell their investment. No loyalty to the community then.
    Having lived in Luton for 59 years and supported LTFC for 42. I am proud of Luton and believe not only LTFC will die if Newlands Park and Power court developments are not approved. The town will have lost the biggest opportunity to make its mark and not be a place where people just work, pass by on their way north or leave from on a plane. Now is the time for someone to think positively about the future for all and not fall for threats made by organisations whose only thought is self interest and their own protectionism.

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