Kevin Catlin

All at Luton Town Supporters’ Trust were extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Kevin Catlin, a genuinely good man with LTFC and the town of Luton in his blood, last week. Kevin was known to many of the committee through friendship and previous unsung work he did for the Trust but he was so much more than a friend.

One man who knew Kevin better than anyone was LTST Chairman, Tony Murray. Tony gave us this heartfelt tribute to a special man….

Most supporters would not know the name Kevin Catlin but all of us owe this unsung hero an immense debt of gratitude. Without him we would have no club to support.

To say I was shocked and deeply saddened to be told of his passing would be a massive understatement. He was a friend who over the years became a trusted confidante who advised me on Trust and club matters as well as personal issues. Kevin helped to guide me through some dark times at different periods of my life.

We had several things in common being ex Denbigh High boys who both unfortunately lost brothers. Kevin was an old school friend of my brother and we would spend a lot of time reminiscing about John.

When you first met Kevin the thought “Benny from Crossroads” would go through your mind. His appearance, however, belied a keen intellect and a razor sharp mind. He often said as a result of how he looked people would underestimate him and that was something you did at your peril.

A font of all knowledge, he could pontificate on anything and everything without being “Mr Know-it-all”. He truly had a heart of gold and lived for helping his fellow man. He would mix with anyone regardless of their background or education and could talk for England.

Whenever he called me, I’d look at my phone, realise who it was and I’d know this wasn’t going to be a short conversation. His is one number I’ll never delete. I get a crumb of comfort looking at it and it gives me hope that this isn’t really true.

Kevin never wanted the spotlight and was content to stay in the background. He was happy on occasion to let others take the credit for what he did. People need to know though. He was the genius-like mastermind who helped to set up the Trust and oust John Gurney. He was instrumental in removing what was the cancer of Jayten from our club.

He could be cantankerous and obstinate, brutally honest with a razor sharp tongue. His command of the English language was amazing. I had more than one falling out with him, you couldn’t really call yourself a friend unless you had at least one with him. Yet he was intensely loyal to those friends.

So toodle pip my dear friend. I’ll miss those message board missives from Tiddles the wonder cat and Eric Olthwaite. Rest in peace you were a true and faithful warrior in the battles to save our beloved football club.

I feel like I’ve lost another brother.

Tony Murray


Luton Town Supporters’ Trust.

The thoughts and best wishes of the Luton Town Supporters’ Trust committee are with Kevin’s family and friends at this sad time. Rest in Peace to a fellow Hatter and wonderful friend.


  1. John Pyper says:

    Can I first say how shocked I am to hear this sad news of the passing of a friend & mate in Kevin, and thinking of his close family at the sad time. Again being someone that I knew from my Denbigh school days and a big Luton Town supporter.
    He will always be remembered for his great sense of humour and his knowledge of the Football Club and his love for life. If you wanted to know what was happening at he club (He was in the know) and was very influential in getting previous owners to move on from our FC (Ineed l say more?). God Bless you Kevin, and you will always be remembered as ‘One of the lads’

    • What a great tribute , having supported the club for 55 years , I never knew him, but reading this it feels I know him and I am really sad that along with his family we have lost him. A unsung hero for the hatters , helping to save the club and then build some solid foundations for what I believe is going to be a exciting couple of decades.for the younger supporters On behalf of my family thank you Mr Catlin and my condolences go his family

  2. I was so sorry to hear of the passing of Kevin .i knew him through a professional capacity but grew to like him as a friend and will miss his wit and banter . Costas will never be the same again where we used to meet and try and put the world to rights . He was one of a kind eccentric intelligent warm kind and caring and it was always a pleasure to spend time in his company . RIP Kevin and am sure you will be looking down on us and coming up with some theory or over .
    My thoughts go out to his family .jevin will be greatly missed by all

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