Helen’s 10k Charity Run Training Diary

My Love Luton 10k Training Diary…

Week beginning 4th September:

At the start of last week, I was beginning to wonder why I agreed to take part in the Love Luton 10k because I hate running with a passion! But then I remembered it is to try and raise as much money as we can for Keech Hospice Care… so training has started!

After the initial announcement was made that Keech Hospice Care were the Supporters’ Charity of the Season, my JustGiving page could finally be shared! And I have to say a huge thank you to those who have been kind enough to sponsor me already. So far I have £240 which is beyond what I thought I’d get in just one week, so I’m totally blown away by the support – and this also means that I cannot now change my mind about taking part in the run!

I worked out I have 7 weeks to turn myself from a non-runner into a 10k runner! Yikes! Time to google 10k training plans for beginners, and surprisingly, I found one that reckons you can train for it in 6 weeks, so it should be no problem, right?!

To help with my motivation, my work buddy Claire decided to come for the first of many lunch breaks where I will start interval training. So, we got changed into gym gear and trainers and headed out of work to find it was raining; that horrible, heavy drizzle. “Bugger”, we thought – but we didn’t let it deter us, after all, that is what a rain jacket is for! So we started with a brisk walk up Tennyson Road to Memorial Park, where we completed our first little run. Then we headed over to Stockwood Park and here we did some more little runs followed by brisk walks inbetween. The rain did stop which helped, and having a gossip as we went helped even more! Our final run was a lot easier, so we kept running for as long as we could before we were too tired to carry on and then made it back to work within the hour. We covered a total of approx. 4.3 miles with our final run being around 1.42 miles (or 2.2km) so I was feeling proud of my efforts even in the rain! I have to admit, the 1.42 miles felt like a hell of a lot more – and my legs were not feeling too clever afterwards, but it was a start!

During the rest of the week, I continued to attend my usual gym classes: Circuit Box on Monday night (mix of circuit training plus boxing), Box4Ward on Wednesday lunchtime (mainly boxing with some cardio thrown in), and then on Thursday, a lunchtime core strength class – and my first time on a treadmill in a very long time! My aim, to run 2km after a 2 minute walk to warm up – which I did in approx. 10 minutes. I wanted to give up after just 1km but I pushed on through even though I was huffing and puffing like a trooper, my legs felt like jelly and I was dripping with sweat! But again, to me, that is still an achievement as I don’t ever run, especially on a treadmill! The one thing I did pick up on was my super snazzy bright pink trainers are not comfortable to run in. Hmmm, new trainers may be needed! I also did a quick half an hour gym workout on Thursday evening before attending a meeting at LTFC to meet Banita, the regional fundraiser for Keech to discuss further fundraising ideas for the season.

I didn’t have time to fit in any more training last week, as Fridays are considered ‘rest’ days, Saturday was football day and on Sunday I was volunteering at KeechFest on the BBQ stall. It was a fab day full of fun and live music, and was full to capacity – so hopefully they made a good amount of money to go towards the £5.6 million they need each year to keep providing their vital services.

Don’t forget, every pound counts to Keech – so if you are able to help support Keech Hospice Care and support my challenge, it would be great if you could visit my Just Giving Page and make a donation. Alternatively, you can text the words ‘LTST62’ plus your chosen amount (ie. £1, £5, £10, £20 etc.) to 70070. For example: LTST62 £10 to 70070.


Thanks for reading!

Helen ‘Hates Running’ Gatward


  1. Well done Helen on putting yourself forward for this run and raising monies in the process for a great cause.


    Cheers and best of luck in your training.

    John P

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